Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hey mom next time leave the playdough at home...

So the first leg of our we managed to survive the first air leg our travels. The flights went well and even though Josiah travel as well, or even better than expected it was still a long six hours in the air. They even added on a extra painstaking hour waiting to get into Fort Lauderdale due to a massive thunderstorm in the area.

In her great wisdom Nayibe brought plenty of toys and snacks for the boys. Tip: Don't pack play dough in your carry on. The boys loved it but the TSA agents at security we're too happy about it. Apparently it looks like plastic explosives in the x-ray machine.

Here's a couple pictures of the boys surviving the first flight:

Look mom ... no hands !

Nap Time !

Meeting Papi for the first time at the airport

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