Friday, August 3, 2007

La Playa...

So we're currently sitting inside the Ft. Lauderdale Airport just outside the security check point. Our bags are checked and we're just passing some time before our 5:30 flight to Bogata and then on to Cali.

This morning after a classic breakfast of rice and eggs (Colombian style... thanks Mimi!) we had lunch at my favorite chicken place Chik-fil-A. I always like to do what I can to save more cows. Expecially after Papi's huge BBQ the night before. Can you say Yummy. They really need one of these places back in Boise. I could probably keep on in business all by myself.

Anyway, on to more important things. Yesterday was our rest day between Miami and Colombia and we spent the rest day at the "Playa" (that's the beach for you gringo's). It was Josiah's first time at the beach and he sure was a little fish. I think he swallowed half the ocean. Javier had a good a time to. He tried to catch some pigeons that were trying to eat our food while we were swimming. Javier also caught a really big wave right to his face! It was like a scene out of surf movie.

The boys also took adavantage of the sand and attampted to bury their Tio Ramiro. It worked for a while until Tio decide it was his turn to bury Josiah. They all a had a great time.

As for mommy and daddy... mom got like four shades darker and daddy got a sun burn. A good time was had by all. Enjoy the pictures and videos of our little beach party below.

Jojo and Tio in the sand

Mom and the boys... "Que beuena vida!!"

Movie of Javi chasing pigeons.

So, tonight and tomorrow the real exciting part of our journey starts. Miami is always fun but we're really excited about what God has in store for us down in Colombia. We'll keep posting.

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