Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gotta Love Homeschooling!

I remember years ago when Andrew and I used to make fun of homeschoolers. Saying stuff like 'people are so weird', 'why keep their kids in a bubble' , etc. and now we are finishing up our first year of homeschooling Javier and Jojo some too! God is so sweet, isn't He? He gently humbles us. After much prayer we just felt it was best for all of us. At times it was challenging, I'm not going to lie, but overall it was great. And most importantly it was God's will. We have still been homeschooling throughout the summer, kinda' :) We've also started memorizing scripture, not just Javier and I but Josiah too. I was recently reminded that when Jesus was tempted by Satan the way he fought back was with Scripture. Andrew and I's heart is to equip the boys in every way possible, first and foremost in God's Word. Josiah knows 'God is Love' 1 Jn.4:16 (in Spanish and English), Javier's verse is 'But godliness with contentment is great gain' 1Tim. 6:6. That pretty much sums up our homeschooling year, God has taught me that there is no better way to live than having a content heart. I am content with being Andrew's helper, a stay at home mom, a teacher, a home keeper, a cheerleader, a disciplinary, a woman after God's heart. Content means satisfied.

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Julie Carroll said...

Very sweet pictures. You are an amazing woman and a very Christ-like example to your friends. I am excited to spend the weekend with you.