Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun Times with our Friends!!!

It's official we are moving to Colombia, South America for about 6 months! I've started packing our things, we are hoping to rent our house. It's amazing how much stuff we have, even though we consider ourselves to be simple people who get rid of things constantly (obviously not enough)! It's been great to take advice from Andrew and purge, purge, purge. Andrew is excited about him and the boys being emmersed in Spanish (I could use some brushing up as well) :) These last few weeks have made me think and pray a lot about what is really important to us and what we can learn to live without. Not eveything goes to the trash, some things God has led us to give to a friend or donate. It's so freeing to let go of stuff! We've also enjoyed spending time with friends and family as we know we will miss them dearly. Here are some fun pictures taken with our friends:

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The Breaux Family said...

I am so already crying...I'll miss being able to call you whenever! How I didn't take advantage of that when I had it:( I LOVE YOU FOREVER!