Monday, September 15, 2008

Faith Hope & Love

', hope and love, but the greatest of these is love'
~1 Corn. 13:13
I read this verse at breakfast today to Javier & Josiah. So true, especially when we have children. They've caused my faith to grow because sometimes I just cry out to God for wisdom, direction, creativity to deal with the boys. They have caused my faith to grow because I know that left to myself...umm...there is no way I can do this every day, day in day out! Hope, hope is found when I see a picture like this (that Andrew took) captures who they are right now...full of energy, silly, fun, and filled with so much possibilities for the future, full of hope. Love...well, it's what I ask for on a daily basis from Jesus. Enough love to be other-focused. To live what we believe. To think on what is eternal and not on what is temporary. Faith, hope and love...what a sweet reminder!


gina marie said...

Great shot! I love that picture...and your words of wisdom. You are such a wonderful mom.

Davis' said...

I really needed that reminder today, thank you!

The Breaux Family said...

I love that pic! I need that prayer daily!

bozovichfamily said...

Oh how I needed to read this today. Jacob has been having a hard time being obedient and has been diplaying some of the ways I use to deal with him that are not ok. Justin reminded me of that :O(
Love you friend!

mari said...

I think it is wonderful how you applied that verse so directly to your life as a mom. I am going to have to quote your definition of love along the way--what a fantastic way of describing a measure of love--that it needs to be enough to be other focused and to not just give it here and there when we feel like it. Not for us to read the word and go on with our lives, but as in James 1:22-25, to act on it out of the love the Lord has shown for us and give it to others. You bless my life sweet friend. Good night:)

Michele :) said...

Hi, I'm praying for you as you head to Columbia!!! I'm sure God will use you to expand His Kingdom as you live there! We miss and love you dearly!!!

Hugs from Michele (and the 'Texas Gang!")