Thursday, October 9, 2008

We made it through the 'plane port'!

Hello Everyone...we made it to Florida! Josiah kept on asking if we were at the 'plane port' the whole time (it was so cute). Javier just kept shaking his head saying "Jojo, we are going on a plane but it's in the airport". It didn't matter to Jojo, he still wanted to call it what he wanted :) The boys did super!! We left Sunday night and got in to Florida early Monday morning. As most of you know my mom had surgery that morning (she had a fist-size tumor in an ovary). Praise the Lord, the surgery went really well and they didn't find any kind of cancer. Thank you to everyone who prayed with us about was a huge relief. Well, the last few days we have been taking care of Mimi (that's what the boys call my mom). Andrew is finishing up a project, so we haven't done much. The boys are LOVING the pool in the backyard. Last night we were all in the pool and Jojo was yelling 'canon ball' and jumping's hilarious. We will post some pictures soon. For now Javier is enjoying watching his favorite shows on cable. Josiah is enjoying canonball-ing into the pool. Andrew is enjoying Chick-Fil-A in town. And me...I'm not enjoying how frizzy my hair gets in this humidity, but I am enjoying my family, speaking in Spanish again, and all the yummy food I am learning to make :)

One more very important thing THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK everyone who helped us get things accomplished at home. Truly we are so blessed to have family and friends (who are like family) to make this happen. Some of you helped us pack, others babysat, others cleaned, packed, took out or trash, helped empty out our pantry, prayed for us, did going away meals, the list is endless....we pray blessings upon all of you! Seriously, we couldn't have done it without you. It means the world to us! Love you all and miss you, but we are excited for what God has planned.


Cassie said...

I love the "plane port". I'm taking Julie's lead and begining to blog all those funny sayings as they come! The cannon balls sound so wonderful especially since we woke up to 30 degrees today...possible snow. Yes, Florida sun sounds wonderful!

The Breaux Family said...

YEAH! mi mami is A-OK! Ohh how I will never forget that 12+ hour drive with Jared and Chris to Miami! Love you and we are still praying for you all!

mari said...

We sure do miss ya all and are sooooo thankful that your sweet mami is doing well. Please give her hugs and kisses for us! We had big fluffy snow on Friday night. It is gone now, only a ground cover overnight. Lots of fun and wet clothing all over the house. Love the Jojoism !! Love ya!

Janey said...

I am so glad to hear that you are on your way. I have been checking to see what your status is.

Blessings and safety for you all, I will check back often.