Friday, November 14, 2008

And We're Off... again.

So after managing to spend almost 2 weeks straight in Bogota we've gotten the itch to get back on the rode and for the next two weeks will we trade in the cool, dizzying heights of Bogota for the hot, steamy, salsa driven nights of Cali, the self proclaimed salsa capital of the world.

But wait before you start getting the image of us dancing the night away under an equatorial moon let me interrupt by reminding you that all of Nayibe's immediate family in Colombia lives in Cali. Furthermore we will be staying at her grandparents house. So lets all just replace those rather festive images with homemade soup, rice and to bed by 10:00 p.m.  

Some of you may remember that Cali was the location of last years flip flop zip line and paragliding incidents but I expect a more mellow trip this time, although you never know in Cali.  We are going to try to have a 'Gringo Style Dia de Gracias" or Gringo Thanksgiving since we will be in Cali over the holiday.  I'm pretty sure the whole pilgrim thing will be lost on them but I'm kinda looking forward to the opportunity to butcher my own live turkey. And it gives us an excuse to get a bunch of the family together and party which is always exciting.

Nayibe attended her first woman's bible study at our church here in Bogota today and then helped make some signs for the church to use this weekend. I think it went pretty well although I was  safe hiding upstairs working on getting some donated laptops ready for a language and Internet cafe the church is setting up as part of a community outreach project.


It took a while but Jojo had fun playing with his new friend Matilde, Jorge and Ginny's little girl.  Funny story, I was over at their house yesterday by myself working on the computers and when Matilde saw me she said, "Jojo!"  and now every time she sees me she says, "Jojo!" and her mom says, "Yes, Jojo's papi." which I think is what Matilde means anyway but it's still cute.


Warning: next post may include some 'Salsa'

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Jenny Girl said...

Is that a hammock that Jojo is sitting on??