Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hanging out in Cali

So, we've been in Cali now for almost 5 days. Wow, I can't believe it's been that long since I've been online! Anyways, it's been pretty busy since we arrived last Friday. Highlights of the trip so far include:
  • A very short plane ride of 1 hour instead of a 10 hour bus ride.
  • An afternoon spent in La Forteleza with one half of Nayibe's family. Javier and Jojo had a blast playing with their cousins. We had some slamming homemade soup (I told you Cali would be all about soup!) We also watched a lot of kids march up and down the street in devil costumes with really big drums dancing and asking for money, I think you payed them to go away! Suprisingly the boys actually liked it. Javi actually wants to buy a drum. I'll upload some video and pictures later.
  • We went to a Nazarene Church down here with our friend Diego. Let me tell you Mom and Dad it's nothing like the one you attend back home. But it was awesome to see that they have about 5 services each Sunday with several hundred people each.
  • This Monday was another one of those Colombian Holiday's and Tio Memo took us to a club with a swimming pool up in the Farallones de Cali on the Rio Pance. The water was cold and the sky was overcast but we had a lot of fun.
All of Nayibe's family really goes out of the way to make us feel at home here and show us the city. The only real challenge we have is not gaining 20 extra pounds during our stay. The food is incredible and plentiful, it just keeps coming.

Of course, the reason we're in Cali this week is because Nayibe's grandmother Rosalba has been very sick. She was able to come home last Saturday but was taken back to the hospital again last night. It's been really tough on their family especially Nayibe's aunt Nancy who lives with her grandparents. You're prayers for her and their family are greatly appreciated. We actually staying at Rosalba's house during this visit so that we can help out, well so Nayibe can help out my job is basically to coral the kids when Nayibe is needed.

Anyway, that's the Cali update for now. We're doing well and enjoying the warmer weather... oh and the boys are enjoying Spanish cartoons this week too.

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