Monday, November 10, 2008

Notes from Mami...

I wanted to start the post by saying, 'Really, it's only been two weeks since we've been in Bogota'!!  Don't get me wrong it's been fun, but please do not think it's always been easy.  As I wrote a friend earlier today...I'm beginning to realize (once again) that just because it's God's Will doesn't mean it's going to be without trials.  There are so many things we are accustomed to back home.  Here are some examples:  I have a washer but no dryer (which means we wear clothes more often and it takes a day or two to dry so we have to plan ahead), in order to start the stove I have to turn on the gas (which is located outside and turn it off once I am done), no microwave (enough said, right moms?!), no heater so we wear layers of clothes), when we are walking down the street we are constantly watching over our shoulder to see who is around us (oh yes and I turn my ring in order for it to just look like a band), and keep the boys VERY close because there are no vehicles that stop, even when it saids 'PARE', oh yes and washing everyone's underwear daily...those are just some examples. 

This evening we went to Jorge & Ginny's house (our missionary friends).  Andrew worked on fixing some laptops, while I was outside with the kids and Ginny.  By 6pm everyone was outside playing games (taking turns with a bouncy ball or frisbee) and yes we had a time of fellowship over bread and hot chocolate.  I am AMAZED with how easily pleased these children are!  And though we have lots of toys in storage right now, our boys are perfectly fine with a couple of cars, sidewalk chalk and a ball, and their new friends.  They LOVE the time they get to play with the neighborhood kids (some who are orphans, others have parents but work all night so they sleep during the day, and some children truly are just left to wander).

We took a some new cars with us and also had a little bag with some of the boys cars.  Before we left Javi and I walked over to the should of seen these boys faces, they lit up (yes, over one little car).  I was so glad Javier was there with me and helped them pick out which one they wanted.  They kissed me in the cheek, hugged me and said 'Dios te Bendiga por pensar en nosotros' (translation:  God Bless You for thinking about us)...of course, I cried!  They also thanked Javi (he extended his hand to say bye) then next thing he knew they gave him a big hug said thanks and Chao Javi!  As we were walking back, Javi looked up at me and said, 'Mom you were right, it does feel good to give stuff away and not hold on to it'.  I hugged him :)'s so sweet to see them 'get it' made all the little inconveniences seem like non-sense (and it is!). 


Jenny Girl said...

I feel for you girl. But I know you guys were prepped for this many times. You've already been there before, you've even done the whole "not so clean thing before" (camping trips, Russia trip, etc.) You can do this, girl. Didn't Tupac say Keep yo' head up? :) Just think of yourself as living the little house in da hood life. I am reminded of The Little House books b/c I'm reading them to the girls. They had to endure a ton and they survived and so will you. They even lived in a dugout (a house made into the ground with a dirt floor!) You are teaching your little guys so much and bonding your family with ways that we can't over here. Just keep your eyes on the prize and take it one day at a time. I'm proud of you! Love you!

mari said...

We are also reading the Little House books and I often think about their family when I am discouraged or my modern conveniences are on the fritz. I am sooo happy that the boys were able to give their cars to the neighborhood kids. Javi will always remember them and how happy he made all of them by giving! Love ya and miss you lots!