Thursday, November 6, 2008

Second Breakfast & Chocolate with Cheese

One of the things I've found in Colombia is that they love to feed you. In fact the day we left Paipa last week we bought some food for breakfast in the morning so that we could get an early start just to be served the following once we arrived at our host's house.Oct 2008 149

The food was awesome but I told Nayibe that I felt like a hobbit having 'second breakfast' all the time. Guess I'm going to have to run another lap around the park.

Javier loved it though because they had what has come to be his favorite meal of this trip Colombian cheese, hot chocolate and bread.

Oct 2008 148

And yes... like a real Colombian Javier put the cheese in the hot chocolate.


The Breaux Family said...

hmmmm 'hot chocolate and cheese"? Interesting?!

Jenny Girl said...

Okay, the chocolate and the cheese together. I get it now. I'll def. have to try it, but not sure I'll like it. But you never know. Does cream cheese count? :)