Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Andrew!!!

Yesterday as we were walking back from dinner I turned to Andrew and asked him if he would of ever imagined spending his 32nd birthday in South America. He responded, 'no I didn't think I would ever live in the most dangerous country in South America'...we just smiled. And yet here we are again, in Colombia. We had a really special day yesterday...I made a Colombian breakfast for Andrew and for dinner he chose to eat at TGIFridays, yes- there is one here!

Sorry we haven't blogged for a while we went back to the States and spent a few weeks in Florida. We were too busy resting, enjoying conveninces and consistent warm water :) Andrew's parents met us in Orlando. We had a great week of fellowship and fun. Did I mention it was COLD (30 degrees), but we still managed to have fun, I mean how could we not, we were in Disney World. Then we went to South Florida and spent a couple of weeks with my family. It was great to have some time to be spoiled a little by our families (he, he, he).

I must be honest...when we stepped out of the plane I almost cried. Not of excitement, but of selfishness. I just thought of all the things I missed. A few minutes later though I had a change of heart. God gently reminded me that there is a purpose for us to be here. It's not about me. There are things we are suppose to 'finish' here. God has been so faithful to us, every step of this journey. We left with two luggages and came back with seven!! All stuff to give to people who need it, mainly the orphans. We 'dreaded' customs but know that is part of the deal when coming here. And guess what? Not one luggage got checked...we walked right through. This is unheard of in this country. God is so sweet to us and definitely knows how much we can handle. Our children have been amazing! They have adjusted to our new life just fine. In fact, in the van our way to our home in Colombia...they were laughing, dancing, and enjoying every minute of being in a no car-seat country.

Jojo and Daddy fighting for the last bite ;)


The Breaux Family said...

Thanks for updating us Nayibe! I've been waiting for an update:)

Happy Birthday Andrew!

gina marie said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! I pray many blessings on you, your family and your new community!

Lance Fisher said...

I keep meaning to tell you when I see you on Skype, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Andrew!