Saturday, April 4, 2009

An Unforgettable Farewell

Sunday, 29th of March, was the last church service we went to in Bogota. After spending six months there, we couldn't believe it was all coming to an end. Andrew and I are still in a bit of shock of how fast time has flied. We feel priviledged to have been given the opportunity as a family to go to another country and encounter so many people we now call friends and so many unforgettable experiences. While we are ready to stop being nomads and return to our own house, we will definitely miss more people and things in Colombia than we ever could of imagined! As we shared with all our new friends...we arrived in Bogota without knowing one person, yet when we left it felt like leaving home all over again.

The last six months definitely has had it's ups and downs, but we are a better family for having gone through it.


mari said...

What a beautiful picture of all of you! Can't wait to see you and hear all of the details:).

gina marie said... bitter-sweet. I wish I could see the far-reaching impact your six months will have on the people you met there, don't you?

gina marie said...
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