Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mi Mamita

This year I am EVER so thankful for mom! I remember when I had Javier...I truly felt like my love for mom grew. To realize what it really means to be a mom. To realize that she has put up with me when I was loveable and most importantly when I wasn't so loveable. There are many things mom tells me she wishes she could go back and re'do. But I remind her that we can only change today and each day that we are given. I decided to jot down some of the reasons I love my mom SO much!

¨¨for making my birthdays special every year and buying me a whole new outfit, underwear and all!

¨¨ for making me walk around with heels, so I knew how to use them correctly...IMPORTANT.

¨¨for teaching me how to make rice at the age of 8 and learning how to make that rice go a long way when unexpected people came over

¨¨for teaching me how to clean (before we had the easy wipes to clean with)

¨¨for making me walk around with a book on my head so I wouldn't be so shy (I know me, shy, you can't imagine!)

¨¨ for reminding me of what really matters when I have called her crying, overwhemled with being a mom

¨¨ for the way she has learned to be a grandma and enjoy every minute with her grand'boys!

¨¨for dancing in the parking lot of Target, showing me her aerobics moves, no kidding ;)

¨¨for being loving, kind, and other focused...there are many more reasons, I love you Mami...Happy Mother's Day!!

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