Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We have an 8 year old!!

Carolina, Javi, Andres and Juan.

May 14th Javier turned 8, it seems unbelievable! Nine years ago we had so many plans, places to go, things to do and then SURPRISE, we were pregnant with Javier. I remember being scared out of my mind and thinking 'I can really mess this kid up'! And then praying for God to step in and help. Andrew, well he stared at his computer screen for days (hahahaha). Well Javi was definitely God's plan for our family. He made us jump right into parenting! It made us realize how selfish we really are and what an awesome priviledge it is to be a parent. Javi is a sweet, sensitive, smart, and kind young boy. I find myself trying to kiss him more, hug him more...enjoy him, because I am beginning to realize they are not going to be little forever.

My favorite memory of Javier while in Colombia was soon after we got there. There were lots of boys playing in the park. We watched the boys as they played with sticks and piece of wood. They were having a blast and invited my boys to play. After a while Javi asked me if he could give out the little cars he had in a bag. I told him they were his and he could do as he pleased with them. It was so neat to see the boys light up when Javier told them to take a car. They hugged him, thanked him and told him how cool he was for doing this. As we walked away I held Javi's hand and told him how proud I was of him...he smiled at me and said, 'Mom you were right, it is so much better to give than to receive...my heart is smiling'.


The Breaux Family said...

Lil Javi....oh I am about to break open a newborn pic of him! I love it!

gina marie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Javi! That story about the cars brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet-heart. I know God has big plans for Javi!