Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eliminate and Concentrate

While in our family 'sabbatical' a sweet friend sent me a book called 'The Gentle Ways of the Beautiful Woman' written by Anne Ortlund, ladies I highly recommend it! (that is where I got the title for this post). It is the perfect way to describe our way of living now as a family. There are SOOO many lessons, I truly think we will be talking and writing about it for a LONG time. God is faithful, perfect and no one else knows what we need like Him! When we first got here it was hard not to feel sad, guilty, thankful to be in our home, but overwhelmed, it's also known as culture shock. How could we not, now we can put' faces' to people who are hungry, who want to be part of a family, who struggle to make ends meet, ugh. We have not forgotten our experience, I don't think we ever could. Jesus challenges us to live with what we need, eliminate the rest. Why have so much stuff? Just more things to store or clean? Now we use all those little soaps that were hidden under the bathroom sink, the pitcher that was up as decoration in the kitchen for years, I don't get caught up so much on whether it matches the room decoration or not, if I can use it, great, I don't think twice about giving clothes or shoes away, it seems like we take better care of everything we have...I don't know how else to describe it. We are exceedingly thankful for so much that we do have and have realized God doesn't want us to feel guilty, just be faithful with it. More than just our stuff, our time, our children, our lives. To concentrate on what is important, not just say it is. Life can be chaotic if we lose sight of what it's really all suppose to be about. Love, live, present...and hang on for the ride God has for your family. Eliminate and concentrate, easier said than done!

Here are some recent pictures of us trying to take care and enjoy those things we have:
They do this every day!

Jojo is only three, but is a great utensil sorter!

I have to tell him to put his book down sometimes (I love it!)

Finally!! I stopped making excuses and learned how to use my sewing machine I've had for years! (how embarrassing). Now on the guitar ;)

Andrew working on his bike and of course Jojo has got to be there any time daddy fixes anything!

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