Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Four half marathons in four weeks what am I crazy!?!?!

This is what I say to myself every so often as I train for this intense challenge! If any of you know Andrew, you know that he has a passion for running. I, on the other hand have only done it in the past, well basically to keep off weight. I like the way I feel AFTER I run but I would not say I love doing it. I love eating chocolate, drinking lattes, daisies or shopping :) Yet, I couldn't resist the challenge when I saw it mentioned on our church bulletin. Since we got to meet some orphans face to face this last year I've realized...children are children, they just want to be loved and taken care of. How could I sit around and do nothing, so I'm doing something, a BIG something along with over 20 other people at Calvary. We are running for 'Heaven's Gate'....four half marathons in four weeks, it all starts in October. I covet your prayers! I have not ran one half marathon let alone four, yikes!! What better reason though. We are paying for all our race expenses and travels, so everything that is donated will go to children and parents in India with HIV'AIDS. Please consider sponsoring me, every dollar helps. It can be done online or snail mail. ALL donations must be in by the 1st of October. Thank you... For more info go to

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Unknown said...

No, you're not crazy, well maybe! I have felt the same way since committing to it, but I also have a real peace about why we are doing it and if I have to walk the whole way, I will try to do it humbly! :) Great blog!

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Love gabe