Sunday, October 4, 2009

We did it!!

'I did it!' that is what a yelled out, with my arms up in the air, as I crossed the finish line. Two hours, 22 mins. Sigh of relief. It was 40 degrees this morning and raining, not good. I prayed that it wouldn't rain, but it did. He doesn't always give us what we ask for in the way we ask. God was faithful to give me the endurance I needed to run the whole race and an incredible husband to help me do it. DRUM ROLE please...Andrew has officially won the 'husband of the year' award. Where do I begin, he set out all of my stuff I needed for the race and the boys. He fixed me a yummy baked potato last night for dinner and made sure I did the minimal amount of work around the house. He made signs with the boys to cheer me on. He even went to the store for me! But the sweetest thing he did, was run the last 1.1 miles with me. When I was totally exhausted...he cheered me on, made me laugh by chasing deer, told me that one mile was nothing for me and that I was doing great. It reminds me of a verse in Ecc. 4 that saids 'two are better than one, for if one falls the other will pick him up'...I am so thankful for someone who is willing to 'pick me up'. One race down, three to go!


Bridgette said...

Hooray Naji! So proud of you!

MomToThree said...

What a great post! So awesome for you! Thanks for the inspiration.


gina marie said...

Congratulations! You did it!!!! You have an awesome husband and best friend. I don't think there is anything more encouraging than having someone run along literally gives you strength. Great job Nayibe!!!! Good luck on the rest:-)