Friday, November 27, 2009

Four wonderful years!!

Boy how time flies when you are having fun! Seems like just about every evening Andrew and I are standing in our family room smiling as we watch our boys run around to music, dance, or play pretend. It is busy, full of energy, crazy and wonderful. God gave us Josiah to bring more laughter and joy into our lives! Just the other night he said, 'Jesus, let it be morning time, let it be morning time'...I asked him why he was asking for that, 'cuz I don't wanna go to sleep'....ahh, our Jojo. What is he up to lately? He's discovered letters and numbers. I love that when he spells his name he does it in Spanish. When called, he also answers in Spanish, and Andrew is known as 'Papito' and me, 'Mamita'. He calls Javier his 'best brother' and has a hard time saying bye to him EVERY morning we drop him off at school. Josiah also started calling us (his immediate family) 'wubby'. If you know him you know how much he loves cars, monster trucks, motocycles, and well, anything extreme! Oh yes, recently he's into mismatching his socks. Here are some pictures from then and now.

Josiah George weighed 9lbs. 2oz.!!

First picture with Daddy!

First nap with Javi, check out his smile :)

Mom came out to help care for him and me :)

Grandma Bec and Jojo, check out his socks :)

Josiah and his 'best brother' Javier....

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The Breaux Family said...

Adorable! His 'best' brother! I wonder who his 'least' favorite brother is then? he he he he