Tuesday, February 2, 2010

He knows her name...

Today I am comforted by knowing that God is in control of this adoption process. He formed her, He knows her name. What an amazing process this has been, December marked two years we began in this journey. Sometimes it seems it will never happen. YET when I feel like that I am overwhemled with God's goodness to come alongside me to give me what I need to do the next right thing, to take one more step. Colombia is a Hague Country which means they have a framework of paperwork to ensure children are protected, given the best home and not sold or taken advantage of. This includes a list of background checks of every State we've lived in since we were 18, original Birth Certificates, Medical Exams, even a Psychology report! On top of that, quite a bit of it has to be notarized and some apostilled (stamped by the Secretary of State). Oh yes, and it all has a shelf life so it does expire. Just this last week we sent the bulk of it out, yesterday I was at the Post Office three times! I will spare you the rest of the details. Please pray for us, as you can imagined this is an emotional roller-coaster. Trying to run a home and get all of this done is overwhelming at times. I am oh so thankful for a husband who is helpful, encourgaing, and supportive. Earlier this week Andrew and I heard some stories of other families who have adopted and were comforted by each one of them. Some easier than others, but everyone has a journey. Here we are in the middle of ours. We covet your prayers. PS We do have a paper saying we were approved by Colombia for 'one little girl from 0-3 years of age' :)

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