Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our Javi is 9!!!

3 months

Seems like just yesterday we were excited and scared all at once, as we prepared to welcome you, our first child into this world. Nine years later we're decorating our house with 'Mario Brothers' stuff getting ready to celebrate your big day. Javier you are sensitive, caring, thoughful, kind, funny, creative and unique.
- I love to see you be silly with Josiah, read to him, teach him.

- I love that you like to ride with me when Jojo goes with Daddy and you say 'I didn't want you to be all alone'.
- I love that you ask 'Is there anything else I can do for you Mom', when you see me running around.
- I love to hear you play the piano.
- I love your goofy laugh.
- I love how much thought you put into your drawings.
- I love that you can't eat without first praying.
- I love that you cry when you see me cry.
- I love that you care about others and put them before yourself.
- I love that you enjoy reading so much.
- I love that you like to tell us jokes.
- I love when you look at me one more time, wave and smile when you get out of the car in the morning.
Javier Andres I simply love you for being YOU!! Te Quiero, Mami

Javi at 3yrs, 6 yrs and almost 9 yrs...


The Breaux Family said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Javier!

Jenny Girl said...

Oh, sniff, sniff. Ya had to write something all mush. Thanks for making me get all sappy-mom. Where's my tissue? ROFL. Happy Birthday to Javi.

gina marie said...

Awe! I am totally crying...that was the sweetest tribute to the sweetest nine-year-old boy. He is such a great kid because he as the greatest parents! Happy Birthday Javi!!!