Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's a Roller-Caster ride and not a fun one....

Just opened up a package and read that our we were 'denied' approval to move on because of a 'missing digit'...argh! Are you kidding me. We've been so busy this summer that I've thought about blogging but haven't actually sat down to update on our adoption. June 30th we got a call and that afternoon we finally got to see the picture of the little girl we've been waiting for all these years! Since then it's been updating of paperwork and filling out more paperwork for her citizenship, trying to get our home ready to bring our baby home(More details to come). Today I just want to say 'this is hard man'....YET, who am I to say it's 'too much'. I know there are worse things in life and I must persevere but I get tired and burnt out. For the hundredth time I feel like I am on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. One moment I am on top of the world picking out stuff for her room, or showing off her picture and the next moment I am told to re-do my fingerprints, another piece of paper, update something, you get the point. This is when I say 'Lord your grace is sufficient for me, take this me to do the next right thing, press on and finish this' HOPE is in Him alone.

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