Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's only been a week?

Last Friday, October 8th we finally got our baby girl! We got a call ten days before asking us if we would be able to be in South America. How could we say no, when we've been waiting for about 34 months! Within a couple of days we booked tickets, started packing clothes and took a few trips to Walmart. Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Hanson and many wonderful friends we were able to pull it off. It's such a blessing to know our home, mail and all other belongings are being taken care of. God really has orchestrated all of this.

We are living in an apartment that our missionary friends had ready for us. We have carpet, so Anna Sofia can crawl around. We have the necessary furnishings and a washer. Oh yes, and hot water, which is a huge blessing here! Jorge is a Pastor here in Bogota, his wife Ginny and I have become good friends. It's so neat to be able to spend time with them and their girls, we are always amazed and encouraged to watch the way the Lord is using them here in Colombia. From Sunday services, to people stopping by for advice, Bible Studies held in their home, mentoring, on and on....they are living it.

This week Javier went to 'Super Vacas' (Super Cows) VBS, Josiah got a used bike and had fun riding it any time he could, and Anna Sofia is busy pulling herself up and wanting to walk. She also enjoys watching her brothers play. Andrew and I are just getting used to having a baby around again, bottles, diapers, stroller, blanket...we are getting better at it now! Life is different. We have bigger lunches and just a little something at dinner. We have a washer and no dryer, so we have to plan ahead a little :) We enjoy walking a lot more here. Our milk comes in a small bag, when we buy eggs they also come in a bag, and no one really buys groceries here in bulk, you just walk down the street for fresh eggs, milk, fruits and veggies.

Some days it seems as if Anna Sofia has always been a part of our family. When we watch her playing with the boys on the bed, crawling around, or standing there playing in the castle with her brothers playing Mario, we say to ourselves, it's only been a week? Other days when we the boys are bickering, we're sleep deprived, it's cold and there's no heater, or some other inconvenience...we think it's only been a week? Because it seems so much longer! Either way, we are all estatic with our baby girl. Anna Sofia is our princess, Jojo sums it up well when he saids, 'Mami, I love Sofia so so so so so very much'.