Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three is more than two

This week we celebrated five months of life with our sweet Anna Sofia. Daddy took us out for ice cream (in honor of what we did in Colombia when something special happened, we went out for ice cream)! Life has been quite busy with three little ones, three is definitely more than two, but better :) It's taken me a while and lots of prayer to figure out how to school a fourth grader, keep a preschooler busy and a one year old safe! Here are some pictures of 'my students' ...I'm so thankful I get to teach, hug, instruct, play, read and love on them all day long.

Jojo plays with Anna while I help Javi...

The easiest kid to teach, seriously I just love him. He jumps up and down when I tell him we can go to the Library :)

My crazy five year old who is smart and thinks 'outside the box'. Josiah is very hands-on and loves to draw. He prefers to write on the white board rather then paper.

Anna Sofia has a new-found love for books. She walks around with them most of time, just looking for someone who will sit down and read with her.

I feel like I am learning something new every day. Sometimes from reading with Javier, other times learning something new about one of the kids, other times about me. Being a stay at home Mom who homeschools is very humbling. I mess up sometimes, pray for wisdom, try to slow down and am learning most of all to enjoy our children and their unique personalities.


Jenny Girl said...

Love it! You go girl with your blogging self. Cute pics.

Kimberly said...

I love how much hair your Anna has now! They are all beautiful kids. :)

Caryn said...

Hi! I happened to stumble on your blog. I notice that we have several things in common:
1) Both have 3 kids. Mine are 8, 4, & 10 mos.
2) Both are homemakers.
3) Both homeschool (my oldest one goes to school because he receives services for his severe disabilities)
4)We both LOVE JESUS (which is the most important of them all)!

I plan on visiting your blog again!