Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Now Mami is running...for a great cause!

Hi Family/Friends,

Hope you had a great summer. We have been enjoying and trying to keep up with three kids! A couple of years we went to Colombia and met a family who we got to know and love, the Nietos. Andres, Carla and their two kids (and now new baby girl). Last October when we were in South America we saw the Nieto's selling everything they owed. This Spring they took their two children, very pregnant Carla, four luggages and went to live in Brazil. Andres is training to be a Pilot with MAF. Mission Aviation Fellowship (for those who may not know) is a ministry who goes into the jungles and untouched areas of the world and bring HOPE, water and necessary items to those in need. I am writing to ask you to consider sponsoring me. Just this last week I signed up for two half-marathons in October. ALL your money will go to The Nietos. I am not the long-distance runner in our family :) So I need motivation to go past mile eight! Can you imagine not having a table to sit at for meals or not having a washer with three small children one being an infant? (about $1,000). That is specifically what I am digging deep and running for. We paid for my races and everything I will need. Would you consider giving any gift? Would you also pray for my knee acts up from time to time. THANK YOU for your friendship, generosity, and prayers Love you! ~nayi


6355 S. LUNAR AVE.

BOISE, ID 83709

MEmo: The Nietos

OR you can send it directly to MAF and get tax-receipt:



NAMPA, ID 83653

MEMO in check: Nieto Family #23939


Kimberly said...

When I saw you were doing a run, I figured it was Heaven's Gate. Is this somehow connected with that or something? I'll pray for you; you can do it! :)

La Mama said...

No it's not. My heart is in South America right now. We lived along side two families who inspired us. Have a good run! Heard you guys have a big team this year.