Thursday, October 13, 2011

Letter to my little brother

I am 34 and Ramiro just turned 21 this year. Can you believe it?! Thirteen years difference which means most of the times I just bossed him around like a Big Sister does :) When I think back to our childhood it was well... pretty dysfunctional but hey it all worked out! Thankfully, we always knew Mom loved us in her own way and Dad in his. It all made us the people who we are today. Ramiro, has always been the clown. The one who made us laugh about every day situations or ourselves. He is the youngest so he definitely has been spoiled but he also put up with Mom & Dad the longest! lol.

To my surprise, in September, he came out to Idaho for a week to hang out with us. I asked him if he was sure...I mean, out of all the places he could go, he decided to spend time with his crazy US? To wake up early, that's unheard of for his lifestyle! One afternoon he told me he doesn't know how I do this every day and that I should have 'Happy Hour' every day around 3pm- oh man, I laughed so hard. We had meals together, went for bike rides, did some school, he took the boys to a movie, he experienced Downtown Boise with three kids, went shopping for 'cool' shoes for Javi, etc. it was a sweet time as a family. The kids loved every minute of it.

Yesterday he sent me a picture in his new uniform and I cried. My little brother who I've always felt like I can somehow protect is now leaving to War. Any minute now he can be called to head out to Afghanistan. This is my letter to you, Rami:

Hey Nerd!
I miss you. Thanks for coming all the way out here to spend some time with us. I still think about silly stuff you did to make us smile around here. The boys still talk about you often. I am excited to see you grow and mature through this experience. No doubt it will be hard to be away from home for a year, but I know that your humor will bring joy to many. You have a gift of encouragement and laughter. I pray that you draw near to God and realize how much He loves you. Stay in the Word, it's what gives us direction. Be wise in your decisions and a good example. You have many nephews and nieces who look up to you. I am proud of you for stepping out in faith. Love you, nayi

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Jenny Girl said...

Sniff. That was sweet :)